The Clearer Frost of Glass, Descending

the way you broke the world into constituent parts
drifted continents to handle the governing flux
collapsing the repeated valleys of the folded map
to touch the Arctic to my temperate towns.
we were surrounded by the images of
fingers in the grasp of wool (the tips gently
whisk across the glitter of the years I was allotted) less
of our shrouded faces but still more like naked skin.
perhaps the text that lingers in the darkened channels
where the rivulets of memory flow and
begin to crystallize in autumnal shards and flutes
and spires where I find
what we left behind in crowded rooms.


About QuietMonolith

I was just a mild mannered young man living in Portland, OR, until one day....POOF! I turned into a crazy, nefarious, thieving, drug-crazed lunatic. I had lots of therapy and spent many months in hospitals and treatment facilities. Eventually, at the end of my rope, I decided to change everything. With the support of my family and friends, I have embarked on a quest to achieve optimum wellness. I am making radical changes in every part of my life, and in the way I approach the world in which I live. Follow my blog, The Wellness Quest, to experience what happens when a desperate addict takes hold of his destiny and devotes all his time and energy toward making a full recovery. I am also a writer and poet. Follow my blog, What We Left Behind in Crowded Rooms, to take a look at some of my recent poems.
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