the way you glittered in the light of lights:
      a twilight robe embracing you with hands
of ruby quartz
deliberate and glazed and
                  finding it, the poles diminished
            turned the stone into
a planar glow – your eyes embedded
touch to touch to turn

and what, if you asked, removes us
from the weight of earth
      embodied (latent)
in the rusted fire

I am the transfer of
      the sleekness and
                  the longing of your limbs
as slowly all the cold dissolves
and sleep, like gloves,
            fits all our winters,
      encloses us in palaces –
transforms the dust to gold


About QuietMonolith

I was just a mild mannered young man living in Portland, OR, until one day....POOF! I turned into a crazy, nefarious, thieving, drug-crazed lunatic. I had lots of therapy and spent many months in hospitals and treatment facilities. Eventually, at the end of my rope, I decided to change everything. With the support of my family and friends, I have embarked on a quest to achieve optimum wellness. I am making radical changes in every part of my life, and in the way I approach the world in which I live. Follow my blog, The Wellness Quest, to experience what happens when a desperate addict takes hold of his destiny and devotes all his time and energy toward making a full recovery. I am also a writer and poet. Follow my blog, What We Left Behind in Crowded Rooms, to take a look at some of my recent poems.
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